Network Management with Nagios

John Deere had to expand network management across a diverse collection of hardware and software. Nagios saved the day.


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Need Help!!!

Sankar N's picture

I have gone through this article and it very useful.

Could please share the example conf file of the Nagios?

Please help me....

Sankar N.

how to on configuring Nagios for WIndows systems

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I enjoyed your article on Nagios. Can anyone refer me to a “how to

My impression is that NAGIOS

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My impression is that NAGIOS is somewhat lacking compared to projects like OpenNMS, which has FULL database support AND port discovery features built-in.

NAGIOS might work well for a fairly static networks, but it's a bear on networks where with more "dynamic" needs since it has so many different objects that have to be set up to do even *SIMPLE* things

CIM - Compaq Insight Manager plugins

Skifter's picture

Great article - I wish I had read it before i installed.

Is it possible to get hold of the CIM plugins.???

Woudl be great. :-)



Insight Manager Plug-ins for nagios

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I'm also very interested in the CIM plug-ins for Nagios. Do you have any info on this?



Great article!! Thanks man.

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Great article!! Thanks man.

Link correction

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The link to the nagios configuration files has changed. The current link is:

hp printer Check

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check_hpjd ,solaris and hp-ux plugins required