New Products

PRISMIQ MediaPlayer, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and WS, SnapGear PCI630 and more.
PRISMIQ MediaPlayer

The PRISMIQ MediaPlayer is a set-top device that plays and displays media files from home computers, connects the TV/entertainment center to the Internet and acts as a platform for broadband services. The PRISMIQ includes an NEC uPD61130 32-bit MIPS microprocessor with an integrated MPEG decoder, 16MB of Flash ROM and 64MB of SDRAM. Network interfaces include 10/100 Ethernet on an RJ45 jack and a cardbus/PCMCIA slot for wireless. It currently supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video formats, the MP3 audio format and the JPEG, GIF and PNG graphic formats. Output interfaces include one S-video, one composite video, one S/PDIF and two RCA Audio (L/R Stereo). The MediaPlayer is built on Linux 2.4 and comes with software for web browsing and an optional wireless keyboard.

Contact PRISMIQ, 2121 South El Camino Real, 10th Floor, San Mateo, California 94403, 866-774-7647,,

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and WS

Two new releases from Red Hat, both compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, formerly Red Hat Advanced Server, assist company-wide Linux installations. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES provides an OS for a range of entry-level and departmental duties, including network, file, print, mail, Web and custom or packaged business applications. It is designed for smaller systems with up to two CPUs and 4GB of main memory, and it comes in Basic and Standard Editions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS is an engineering desktop/workstation. It is designed for use in client/server deployments, software development environments and targeted ISV client applications. Also available in Basic and Standard Editions, WS provides support for workstation/desktop systems with up to two CPUs.

Contact Red Hat Software, 2600 Meridian Parkway, Durham, North Carolina 27713, 888-733-4281,

SnapGear PCI630

The SnapGear PCI630 is a VPN firewall PCI card that offloads all firewall and VPN processing duties from the host computer to the card, allowing remote management, high security and simplified installation. An isolated, stateful firewall PCI device, the PCI630 provides onboard multi-VPN capabilities for secure access and communication in a NIC PCI footprint. For use on servers and desktops, the PCI630 includes 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, 4MB of Flash memory and 16MB of RAM. It supports authentication up to 2,048-bit for RSA key signatures, X.509 certificates in DER and PEM formats and multiple subnets, without third-party client software or per-user licensing restrictions.

Contact SnapGear, Inc., 7984 South Welby Park Drive #101, West Jordan, Utah 84088, 801-282-8492,,

5070 PC/104 CPU

Octagon Systems has released the 5070 PC/104 CPU, an integrated, PC-compatible, single-board computer (SBC) for thin-client and other network-enabled applications. Utilizing a low power 5x86 class processor, the 5070 can operate in temperatures from -40° to 85° C with little ventilation. It can be expanded using the PC/104 or ISA connectors. The 5070 includes two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port, two USB 1.1 ports, FDD, HDD, back-drive protected parallel and keyboard ports, CompactFlash and removable memory up to 2GB. SVGA CRTs and flat-panel displays are supported. Fast-boot Phoenix BIOS provides for operation in less than six seconds, and a boot image is stored in serial EPROM in case of CMOS battery depletion.

Contact Octagon Systems Corporation, 6510 West 91st Avenue, Westminster, Colorado 80031, 303-430-1500,,

Visual SlickEdit 8.0

Version 8.0 of the Visual SlickEdit code editor is now available from SlickEdit, Inc. Visual SlickEdit 8.0 supplies a range of code editing tools that provide language and encoding capabilities for a range of languages and platforms. New for version 8.0 are directory-based projects, auto-updated distributed tagging, secure FTP (SFTP) and Section 508 accessibility for blind and vision-impaired developers. A new three-way merge interface extends the DIFFzilla file and directory tree differencing engine. Version 8.0 also provides increased support and capabilities for coders using JBuilder, Java, GNU C/C++ and CVS. A 30-day free trial is available on the web site.

Contact SlickEdit, Inc., 3000 Aerial Center Parkway, Suite 120, Morrisville, North Carolina 27560, 800-934-3348,