New Products

PRISMIQ MediaPlayer, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and WS, SnapGear PCI630 and more.
Eventide VR778

The Eventide VR778 is a digital voice logging and archiving system, designed for use in health and public safety environments. Able to work as a standalone logger using a front-panel GUI or as a network server for PC workstations, the VR778 provides fault-tolerant features, such as dual hot-swap power supplies, fan assemblies and dual redundant hard disks. Anywhere from 8-160 analog and 16-96 digital record channels can be mixed in one VR778. Variable recording compression rates range from 13.3 to 16, 32 and 64Kbs. A mirrored RAID 1 system with dual-120GB hard disks (380GB RAID 5 optional) can record and store up to 19,800 channel hours at 13.3Kbs. DVD-RAM drives also are available.

Contact Eventide, Inc., 1 Alsan Way, Little Ferry, New Jersey 07643, 201-641-1200,

AMD Opteron Processors

AMD has announced that its eighth-generation enterprise class processor core, named Opteron, will use x86 64-bit technology. Providing high-level performance for both existing 32-bit x86 code and new 64-bit computing, Opteron is designed to support applications requiring large amounts of physical and virtual memory, such as high-performance servers, database management systems and CAD tools. Opteron also employs HyperTransport technology, a high-speed, point-to-point link for integrated circuits that reduces I/O bottlenecks, increases bandwidth and reduces latency. An integrated memory controller is used to reduce memory bottlenecks.

Contact AMD, PO Box 3453, Sunnyvale, California 94088, 408-749-4000,