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FAXCOM Server on Linux

FAXCOM Server on Linux features support for multiple diverse document attachments using on-the-fly document conversion, and it can support up to 96 ports on one fax server. Expanded fax-routing destination options for inbound faxes include fax port, dialed digits, sender's transmitting station identifier (TSID) and caller ID. When necessary, the same fax can be routed to multiple destinations, including one or more printers. FAXCOM Server on Linux includes a spam Fax Filter, which monitors incoming fax traffic and either eliminates spam traffic or quarantines it in a dedicated folder. FAXCOM Server on Linux also includes a fax-batching mechanism that enables users to send multiple faxes to the same telephone number in one call.

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software to convert faxes to digitized form

John N. Dion's picture

Faxes are received in a fax server using a brooktrout type board.
Faxes are converted to a .tiff image. Is it possible to convert fax characters into asci characters using a conversion method other than OCR.