Introducing Plone

Is Plone the killer app that will bring Zope-based content management to the masses?

Zope is a powerful application server, and the CMF is a powerful toolkit for creating a CMS. But, given the steep learning curve associated with both of them, it is possible that Plone may be the killer app for Zope, bringing new people into the world of Zope through great functionality that is easy to install, configure and manage.

Next month, we will take a closer look at Plone, examining ways we can modify what is displayed, including changing the site's look and feel.


Reuven M. Lerner ( is a consultant specializing in open-source web/database technologies. He and his wife, Shira, recently celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Shikma Bruria. Reuven's book Core Perl was published by Prentice Hall in early 2002, and a second book about open-source web technologies will be published by Apress in 2003.