When I'm Calling You...on Video

Have we finally reached one of the promises of the future? GnomeMeeting presents a start.


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I want more info... please

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You've caught my interest but I want more specifics:

Do you use a Linux NAT/Firewall, if so, which; and did you recompile its kernel to get GM working?

What of the local client... which distribution are you using, with which kernel?

Which video camera are you using? Anything specific done to get the camera working under Linux?



Re: I want more info... please

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I think this kind of question can be answered easily by reading their FAQ on www.gnomemeeting.org or by asking to their mailing list. No need to recompile the kernel to get GM working behind NAT, recent versions (newer than 0.93 presented in that article) work with simple port forwarding.