Kylix 3.0 Enterprise (with C++)

Product review of new Kylix release.

Borland introduced Delphi for Windows a long time ago, with many of the Kylix features. Years later they introduced the C++ Builder for Windows, which as the name suggests, was the C++ version of Delphi. It is nice that a C++ edition of Kylix for Linux is finally here. All in all, I like the design of Kylix. Despite the fact that it's not a new concept, it still has benefits.

After playing around with Kylix some more I found a few bugs in the software. When trying to assign images to components, the application would freeze. I am guessing it's possibly some sort of synchronization issue because attaching to the Kylix process with strace brought it back to life. I also found that the code-completion window sometimes refused to pop up. To put things in perspective I must say that Kylix was not certified to run on the distribution that I had freshly installed on my laptop. I used SuSE 8.1, although Kylix 3.0 was certified to run on SuSE 7.3.

As a final thought, if you are looking into evaluating development tools for enterprise applications I would recommend putting Kylix 3.0 on your “tools to evaluate” list.

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Dragan Stancevic is a kernel and hardware bring-up engineer in his late twenties. Although Dragan is a software engineer by profession, he has a deep interest in applied physics and has been known to play with extremely high voltages in his free time.



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Re: Product Review: Kylix 3.0 Enterprise (with C++)

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I haven't used this product yet, but I'm thinking to start doing so in the next 2 months, I need to know if anyone out there is running this on an Intel-Compatible platform, say AMD Athlon processor architecture.