The Real Battle

Doc talks about what he learned by attending last week's Digital Hollywood Conference in Beverly Hills.

Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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i have never thought about the divertisment industry that it might colapse. Is incredble the amount of depths that disney is owning for the bancks. For shoure the biggest winners in that game were the financials instutute called bancks.

Re: The Real Battle

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It feels weird being able to watch the FUD-machine and war-machine mobilizing, and hear their sinister plans for the future of the internet... For you, first-hand, seeing the entertainment industry this way, must have felt like being an atheist at a Baptist revival...

This article made me feel like I was there, and I think your take on the issues of the technology war has always been right on..
Keep it up..

Dave Williams

Re: The Real Battle

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You have it backwards - It must have felt like being a Baptist at an Atheist convention. That is believer vs. non-believer.

Technology works at all levels

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You were right to point how how new technology poses a threat to the content providers. You were also right to point out how new technology also poses an opportunity. Linux has driven down production costs - no question. But new stuff from Apple for instance has also driven down creation costs. The obvious answer is to unleash the creatives with the new tools and flood all those new channels with content.

May the best stuff win..


Re: The Real Battle

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Great article, this reaction is the usual knee jerk response from big businesses who are too large and clumsy to adopt new idea, look at ibm in the 80's could not build on the pc platform they invented and lost out. My biggest gripe with these people is that the grip on reality is not there, so few people have very fast dsl service, to make it worth while downloading a movie at low resolution, or inferior quality, i would much rather go to blockbuster and rent then maybe buy, my time is expensive and to wait a huge amout of time to watch spiderman on a 17inch monitor, when i have a large screen digital tv with dvd in the front room where i prefer to watch a dvd with all the extras, and dolby 5.1 etc. I think this whole escapade is just them trying to cover up the amount of money they waste on terrible films that are not worth $3 at matinee showings.

I have no sympathy for the music people either, they always say the artists are being cheated, by whom?. A cd costs 5 to 7 bucks in royalites, pressing, artwork and store profit, and retails for 18 or so. In my book the industry are making about 10 bucks per cd whichthey can then use on huge saleries, fast cars and columbian candy. I have been a musician in a prior career, and it is very hard to get your royalities out of these guys and yes people see these young stars in bentleys etc but those are all either leased by the record label or purchased on advances which are clawed back.

If these companies produced fewer but better films, made the cd cost about 10 to 12 dollars, and make them more retail friendly by including information videos etc, then i am sure users will be happier to buy them and get the origional.

One final point, I love listening to music in my car, but i copy my cd's that i purchased to mp3, and then use that disc in my car mp3 player. I do this because if my car is stolen, a 100 cd case will have about $1500 worth of cd's in it and also keeping cd's in the car is so bad as they get scratched and damaged. Any effort to prevent this would be crazy in the part of the labels, because i would not buy any more from them as i do not like wasting money, also i tried to play the fast and furious dvd in my pc one night when i was working on my pc (well actually checking the world cup ticker) and it refused to play due to copyright restrictions, how is this correct, i was not copying the disk just doing what the disc was sold for, and i was prevented from doing so. Since then i have only purchased dvd's after renting them to ensure they will work on my pc and laptop.

anyway this whole mess is just annoying me so much, and i am sorry if I went on too long



Re: The Real Battle - don't forget RePlay suit!

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Hey Doc - great article

Here's some notes on Taplin that you didn't say:

    - in fact - Taplin is fairly well hated in Hollywood anyway - and that he's been attacking them for years- that Taplin claims he went from being offered 1,500 films to 15 - I'd like to clarify or confirm that claim- that said, it must have been fun to watch him there - and watch them all realize he'd just suckered them

THEN, I'd like to say: