Must-Have Zaurus Hardware and Software

Tips on ways to optimize your Zaurus and some killer applications.

I hope this article has introduced you to some of the good software available for the Zaurus. The best part is most of these excellent applications are released under the GPL. If, like myself, you have previously used a Palm Pilot and always wanted some special software, you will be better off with the Zaurus.



Guylhem Aznar is the coordinator of The LDP ( and documentation coordinator for the GNU Project. Although he is a sixth-year medical student in real life, he is currently working on his PhD in Computer Science and with his little time left enjoys playing with the Zaurus. Reach him at



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Francisco Baptista's picture

I worked in my Zaurus Collie with this great program.I would like to know if it have a correspondent program for wm 2003. Excuse me the change...
Thanks in advance