VxWorks to Embedded Linux: a Success Story

Switching a student lab from VxWorks to Linux to teach embedded systems and development.

At the time of this writing, we are about the finish the first Linux course at EUSS. The general conclusion is that the change has been a positive one. Students have received it with enthusiasm, surely motivated by the increase presence of Linux in the news and the proliferation of Linux magazines. This fact gives them the impression they are learning a technology important for their professional success. The students' progress has been very satisfactory, and the learning objectives seem to have been met. Regarding the embedded Linux creation for the lab target, it has been stable enough to support the lab free access, which submits the system to a higher stress load than anybody could have imagined. We are now planning to migrate all the system to the 2.4 kernel and update the root filesystem components. As far as the host is concerned, next year the machines will be updated and the system surely will be based on a newer version of Red Hat.

Dr. Andreu Moreno has been a lecturer and an embedded systems developer for eight years. He landed in the Linux world two years ago. He now combines teaching at EUSS with research in the fault-tolerant field and in embedded systems development for the industrial sector.

Agusté Fontquerni has been a lecturer for five years and has worked in the industrial sector. He is interested in fields of microprocessors, Internet protocols, network administration and embedded systems. He teaches at EUSS and develops software for embedded Linux systems.