IBM's Journaled Filesystem

To restart a telecom server quickly, you need a journaled filesystem. Here's how you can move to IBM's AIX-derived JFS.

JFS is a key technology for servers because it provides fast filesystem restart times in the event of a system crash. The JFS team's most important goal is to create a reliable, high-performance filesystem. The JFS team is making great progress in porting JFS to Linux. From a performance point of view and based on the various published benchmarks, JFS comes out as a winner. To get involved, visit the JFS Project page on developerWorks.


The Open Systems Lab at Ericsson Research for supporting our work with Linux and open-source software.


Steve Best ( works in the Linux Technology Center of IBM in Austin, Texas. He is currently working on the Journaled Filesystem for Linux Project. Steve has done extensive work in operating system development with a focus in the areas of filesystems, internationalization and security.

David Gordon ( is finishing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Sherbrooke University in Québec, Canada. He is a co-op student with the Ericsson Research Lab in Montréal.

Ibrahim Haddad ( is a researcher at the Ericsson Corporate Unit of Research in Montréal, Canada. He is involved with the system architecture of third-generation wireless IP networks. Ibrahim represents Ericsson on the Technical Sub-Groups of the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL). He is currently a DrSc Candidate at Concordia University.