Letters from our readers.
Old-School Power Mailer

On page 64 of your September 2002 issue you gave the Editors' Choice Award for Communication Tool to the Evolution mailer, saying “We like the idea of being able to compose more than one message at once.” It has been possible to do this for more than a decade using MH, and now nmh. This suite of e-mail commands fits nicely with the UNIX shell, providing separate commands for scanning a mail folder, searching e-mail and composing new messages. Draft messages sit in their own folder giving an effectively unlimited number. Myself, I still have drafts to finish dating back to 1999! For more information on nmh, see www.mhost.com/nmh or www.ics.uci.edu/~mh/book/.

—Ralph Corderoy

More Lycoris Coverage Please

Is there any reason why LJ never writes a word about one of the latest Linux distributions from right here, the Eastside? I am talking about Redmond Linux, now called Desktop Linux from Lycoris. What gives? They have not bought any advertising space?

—Joe Pannon, Bellevue, Washington

Debit on the Left, Credit on the Right

I would like to know what accounting program to suggest when I am working with local businesses switching to Linux. I am interested in seeing a review and comparison of accounting software such as Quasar and Appgen MyBooks.

—Robert Tetzlaff

Ultimate No More

I always read with interest your articles on the Ultimate Linux Box. Each year was more powerful than the last. But I had other things to take care of, so I would read and dream.

Last year was different though, I was actually able to build, albeit slowly, your dual Athlon screamer! Was I happy? No way to describe it. I finally finished it this past summer with the purchase of a couple of fast SCSI drives. What a difference that made! What more could I possibly want except the nice case with all that wonderful cooling. But that will have to wait.

Why wait you ask? It's because in this latest (September 2002) issue you have now written another of these articles, and now I no longer have what you call the Ultimate Linux Box! I can't believe it? Do I go with the upgrade thing again? What is a guy to do? I worked so hard to get up with the rest of the fast crowd, and now I won't be at the top anymore. What a letdown. I'm totally disillusioned. I just don't know what to do. Perhaps next year when I read the article I'll have a chance to upgrade again. Until then, keep up the great work you do for the Linux community.