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Storix Backup Administrator

Storix Backup Administrator (SBA) version 4.0 is available for system backup and recovery of most distributions and for x86- and PPC-based systems. Using a graphical interface, SBA provides backup management of standalone machines or entire networks. Options are available for backup scheduling, performance statistic reporting, overwrite and retention policies and tape striping, among others features. SBA can restore data on the same or a different hardware configuration, and you can recustomize your system by changing filesystem types, adding software RAID devices and converting to LVM partitions. All major filesystem LVMs and software RAID devices are supported.

Contact Storix Software, 3707 Fifth Avenue, Suite #125, San Diego, California 92103, 877-786-7491 (toll-free),

CodeTEST for Embedded Linux

Applied Microsystems entered the embedded Linux market with the release of CodeTEST for embedded Linux, a software test and analysis tool suite. CodeTEST enables developers to conduct comprehensive performance testing, memory testing, RTOS and source-code level execution trace, hardware tracing of kernel and driver code and code coverage on applications based on embedded Linux. CodeTEST can measure more than 128,000 real-time function executions at once, looking for errors in algorithms, call-pair distribution and service routines, and measures CPU consumed by functions and tasks. CodeTEST can be purchased as a complete suite of separate modules for performance, memory, trace coverage and advanced coverage.

Contact Applied Microsystems, PO Box 97002, Redmond, Washington 98073, 800-426-3925 (toll-free),,

Rackable Systems 1U 1800

Xeon processors will power Rackable Systems' back-to-back 1U 1800 model server. Rackable's 44U cabinets hold up to 88 1U servers and up to 176 Xeon processors. Rackable also will be using the following new Intel products in their servers: the SE7500CW2 server board, the SE7500WV2 server board and the SRSH4 server platform. The new server can be used in Rackable's patent-pending chassis, designed to allow for installation into both front and back of a standard 19" wide, 30" deep cabinet or both sides of a two-post “Telco-style” rack. The 1800 server comes with 8GB of memory, one to four HDDs, one PCI X expansion port and one or two 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections.

Contact Rackable Systems, 721 Charcot Avenue, San Jose, California 95131, 408-321-0290,,


The GNOME Foundation released version 2.0 of the GNOME Desktop and Developer Platform, which features a faster and more powerful Nautilus file manager and dozens of new utilities and applications. A simplified configuration process also is in place for version 2.0. Included in this release are an enhanced GTK 2.0 toolkit, libxml2, add-ons for Glade, Python and CORBA, and many new libraries and widgets. Other improvements in the new version include anti-aliasing for fonts; a dynamic, centralized configuration system; rewritten terminal application with tabs and profiles; and a lightweight help application called Yelp, among many others.

Contact The GNOME Foundation,

PCI-8213 and PCI-8214

The PCI-8213 and PCI-8214 are two- and four-port, 64-bit fast Ethernet cards with bypass capability that are suitable for use in firewalls, network traffic monitoring, on-line gaming, high-availability and Internet-dependent applications. With bypass capabilities, during crashes and downtime the onboard relays crosslink channels 1 and 2. Fail-safe data transmission is achieved by linking inbound and outbound network traffic, even when the hardware or software fails. Both boards run on a 64-bit, 33/66MHz PCI bus but also are compatible with 32-bit PCI slots. Each Ethernet port has two self-diagnostic LED displays to show link and 10/100 status.

Contact ADLINK Technology America, Inc., 15279 Alton Parkway, Suite 400, Irvine, California 92618, 949-727-2077,,

Fax Messaging Server

Faximum Software has released Fax Messaging Server (FMS) version 2. Running on Linux, FMS 2 integrates with existing e-mail servers and enables Linux, Mac and Windows machines to send and receive faxes using the same tool as e-mail. FMS 2 allows users to combine e-mail addresses and fax numbers in the same message or e-mail group, delivers faxes to users in the same inbox as their e-mail, can bypass the long-distance phone system and is administered via the Web. Compatible with most distributions and most SMTP e-mail servers, FMS 2 has been designed to work with Caldera's Volution Messaging Server and the SuSE eMail Server III.

Contact Faximum Software Inc., 1497 Marine Drive, Suite 300, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7T 1B8, 604-925-3600,,


White Paper
Linux Management with Red Hat Satellite: Measuring Business Impact and ROI

Linux has become a key foundation for supporting today's rapidly growing IT environments. Linux is being used to deploy business applications and databases, trading on its reputation as a low-cost operating environment. For many IT organizations, Linux is a mainstay for deploying Web servers and has evolved from handling basic file, print, and utility workloads to running mission-critical applications and databases, physically, virtually, and in the cloud. As Linux grows in importance in terms of value to the business, managing Linux environments to high standards of service quality — availability, security, and performance — becomes an essential requirement for business success.

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White Paper
Private PaaS for the Agile Enterprise

If you already use virtualized infrastructure, you are well on your way to leveraging the power of the cloud. Virtualization offers the promise of limitless resources, but how do you manage that scalability when your DevOps team doesn’t scale? In today’s hypercompetitive markets, fast results can make a difference between leading the pack vs. obsolescence. Organizations need more benefits from cloud computing than just raw resources. They need agility, flexibility, convenience, ROI, and control.

Stackato private Platform-as-a-Service technology from ActiveState extends your private cloud infrastructure by creating a private PaaS to provide on-demand availability, flexibility, control, and ultimately, faster time-to-market for your enterprise.

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