Open Letter to SourceForge

Upset by some SourceForge advertising policies, David Sugar, Bayonne Project leader, writes an open letter to the SourceForge staff and receives a response.


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Re: Open Letter to SourceForge

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I really couldn't give a toss about this advertising. I just wish I could get onto Sourceforge at all. I dont know whether it is a problem with Sourceforge, with my ISP - nobody there speaks English - or because I am trying to connect from the heart of China. I can get every other site I try except for Sourceforge and Geocities. Both were fine up until a couple of months ago when I left West Africa & my setup is still the same. Any ideas?

Thomas A Johnson

Direct replies welcome - it's bloody boring here ;^(

Re: Open Letter to SourceForge

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Two lines at the bottom of the email is not a big deal. The excellent services provided by SourceForge are free and for those who want an alternative, Savannah looks too be pretty good too. Hey, if the two lines helps SourceForge out, it doesn't seem right complaining about it.

I doubt it's going to help SourceForge out much though. It must be really expensive running that service and I wonder how much revenue VA has by selling the SourceForge system. Still, I wish them luck. They have done a lot for the LInux community when other businesses wouldn't even look in our direction.

Re: Open Letter to SourceForge

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Interesting read. I am a sourceforge user, currently, and while I have seen the ads mentioned, I really didn't pay any attention to it until I saw this article. After reading David's letter to SF, I was sort of thinking "Yeah, that is lame...". But, after reading Patrick's reply, I quickly dismissed that idea. I am involved in web development and help a friend admin a webhosting company and I know there are rather high costs involved in doing this type of business. The signatures (as they have been modified to include the 'sponsored by' text) don't bother me at all. I will be standing by SF on this one. That said, I still don't feel too good about the other changes that took place a while back with regards to closing the sourceforge development...but whatever.