Grass Roots WiFi in London

Doc arrives in London to discover free, wireless net-access infrastructure being built by hackers using Linux and other handy materials.

Doc Searls is Senior Editor of Linux Journal


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Re: Linux for Suits: Grass Roots WiFi in London

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hi, great article! i'm pleased to hear you found access so easy in London.

as a member of Consume, i'd just like to point out one small correction - we're not 'closed' about our code - just about all of use run GNU/Linux or BSD boxen, but we use the wifi tools already provided in the distros... there are also some snippets of code on the site, i believe.

thanks & bw


Re: Linux for Suits: Grass Roots WiFi in London

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Doc, you're ahead of your time. Posted on Sept 1 2002, eh? Come back, the rest of us are (quick look) around Aug 11, 2002.Hold on a minute ... maybe its me, maybe I'm behind the times, left behind :(All these 'commercialise/kill the internet' laws leave me wondering - are governments an overall liability to the human race? i mean, seriously ...

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