Door-to-Door for DMCA Reform

New York's DMCA reform group has made 942 door-to-door visits and held 6 hours of meetings with their Representative's staff. How is your town doing?


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Re: Door-to-Door for DMCA Reform

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Hi: Can you bring a follow-up and highlight the e-book catastrophe building at NYU School of Dentistry. That's absolutely unbelievable!

Thanks, tom

Re: Door-to-Door for DMCA Reform

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In response to public pressure, Vital Books has released

some of the texts, about 40% to be permanentelt owned by the students,

and the DVD's no longer turn themselves off at the end of the semester.

But really, this is not good enough.

Vital Books CLAIMED on their website that pblishers

should co-operate with them because they woouldn't need to compete against their own used books.

It's a clear violation of fair use and the 2nd sale principle

Re: Door-to-Door for DMCA Reform

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actually the signifigance of this streatches beyond what you may assume it to be.

freedom of the mind is the only freedom worth fighting for - perhaps... but freedom of speech is seemingly on the decrease even within the open source community.

Are we to assume that our thoughts may now be deemed by a single or collective body as being illegal?

I think therefore I am - whatever manure comes out of this factory is just a by product of what has gone into it - which is simply a by product of somebody elses by products.

it's all manure at the end of the day - makes great fertalizer though guys.

keep going because you may actually make some inspiration through all this manure.


Do and then Learn

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Do and then Learn