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I work for a school system that is in need of a stable database system that can also allow the following: 1) have an admin user work remotely via the Web (through a web browser) and 2) allow the teachers (users) to log in (via the Web through a browser) and enter information into the database(s).

—Maurice Pelletier,

I suggest you take a look at Zope ( Zope is a web-based content management framework that is extremely scalable and works well. Of course, your applications have to be migrated or probably rewritten on Zope.

—Felipe Barousse Boué,



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I bought an Acer Aspire One (AAO) this fall and within weeks the screen blacked out upon booting. Rather than replacing my AAO , Acer referred me to a technical repair depot. After 6 weeks still no word - then two weeks ago after calling Acer they said they would send me a new one on “back-order” - still no sight of it. Today when i called they said they have no idea when the “back-order” will be filled. Just wonderful customer support - not! Wish i had bought a MacBook now…..