Emulate This!, Part 2

DOS and DOS. What is DOS?

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Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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The article speaks of compiling DOSEMU from source. However, the latest

version is even easier to install than that: Get the binary distribution

and just follow the simple instructions.

I found that some of my legacy DOS apps written in Realia Cobol 3.1 would

not run properly using the Freedos kernel supplied with Dosemu, so I

replaced it with the MS 6.20 kernel. (Piece of cake--just copy COMMAND.COM,

MSDOS.SYS, and IO.SYS to the "C:" dir of your dosemu setup.)

Some text editors don't work properly with Dosemu, because they depend on

Alt key combinations. Simple solution: Get the DOS port of Joe 2.2 . Under

Dosemu, it won't honor Control-C, but anywhere in Joe that you would need to

press Control-C you can substitute Control-K-Q.

By far the best use I have found for DOSEMU is using Telix to automate async

communications. There are other async terminal pgms for Linux (notably

minicom), but none of them have a robust script language to rival "SALT".

Absolute latest version of Dosemu is "". "1.0.2" seems to do

everything just as well and some things better.

When installed from the binary distribution (as I mentioned above), dosemu

is normally launched from a Linux bash script. That script is intended for

interactive use, but it wasn't too tough (using the script that comes with

1.0.2) to comment out some of the prompts, so that I can now run a cron job

that prepares data to be sent via async, starts DOSEMU to run a Telix script

that does all the dialing and the upload/download work, and then exits

DOSEMU and goes on to process any data received.

I tried the same thing using, but for some reason unknown to me I

could not get the bash script to run properly in automated mode. So I went

back to the 1.0.2 bash script.


Beachwood, Ohio

nparks AT torah DOT org

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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As far as i know freedos and lredir doesn't work.

Don't know about the latest version though.

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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Well if your going to talk about working in other environments...Novell would be a natural course of action and using a very popular foxpro application base.

In reading the documentation it seems that mounting novell via Volkers ncpmount program would be the best course of action.

(As this is where I am stuck).

And seqwaying into using a very popular FoxPro Application on Novell would be a plus

But, there are other novell mounts/connection that are available which you may want to talk about.

If anyone has some info they could pass along as how to accomplish executing foxprox.exe that I have mounted via ncpmount to /mnt/NOVELL

because every time I try to use LREDIR F: LINUXFSmntNOVELLdevprogramsfpd26 I get ERROR 35 (network name not found).

I'm using RedHat 7.0




Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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they say `fox "don't like" lredir, but works on local disk'

i have working foxpro on either local or lredired drive, but can't run foxprox :-(( -

Phar Lap err 35: The 386 chip is currently executing

in virtual 8086 mode under the control of another program. You must turn off this other program in order to use 386|DOS-Extender to run in protected mode.

dosemu 1.0.1

error running foxpro in WinXP

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make sure that you have "Autoexec.NT" file in windows\system32 directory. If you are not having one, create it with the following contents
@echo off
lh %systemroot%\system32\redir
lh %systemroot%\system32\dosx

This should solve your problem.

fox under xp

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Thank You very much, I deleted dosx in autoexec.nt so foxprox didn't work.
Now it works!

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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ncpfs works if you make sure the mount point is 8 characters or less

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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I'm trying to run a Foxpro application under Dosemu and have to overcome 2 issues. First is that I can't get ^Ins to work. ^Del works fine. How do I remap keys? Second is that the larger vga11x19 font works in xdosemu locally but I only get the smaller default font under VNC in Windows. The error in the boot.log file is "ERROR: X: No graphics modes supported on this type of screen!" Any ideas?



Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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But what about running Foxprox ?


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I tried accessing the dosemu.org web-site, looking for some documentation.

But it's down!!!! I've been trying to hit it for the last few days, but nothing.....plus, i'm not sure where the mailing list is, to see if it is still under development....

Is the dosemu project dead? what's the deal with it's website??

Re: www.dosemu.org

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Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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first off: If you are an old WordStar junkie, try 'joe' (Joe's Own Editor). It uses all the old WordStar key bindings and runs in a way not unlike WS. Don't know if it'll handle dot commands and such.

2nd: I point my DOSEMU over to the Win98 dual-boot partition for its command.com. As long as I hit F8 and pick boot to MS-DOS in time, it works great with my old dos setup. If I don't hit F8 in time, Windows quickly dies, and leaves me with the 'You now may shutdown your computer' screen, which is sort of neat in its own right.

3rd: Win 3.1 under doesemu.. ?

4th: never got dosemu to work with the COM ports properly. I think that's because Telix does raw IRQ/mem i/o. Haven't delved to far into the problem though. Never been totally happy with minicom for linux as a replacement.

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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DOSEMU is indeed a great program. We have been running our business-critical database on it for 3 years now.

You will find however that freeDOS won't work in many situations. Due to lack of support for file-locking and redirection. We have used both DR-DOS 7.0 and MSDOS 6.22, and find MSDOS to be the better choice.

Just my $0.02


Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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Redirection support was added to FreeDOS before DOSEMU-1.0.2 was released - otherwise this review

would be very different and you could only use FreeDOS

on hard disk images.

File locking is only in very recent FreeDOS kernels, not

yet in dosemu-freedos-bin.tgz.

However there is an updated version here:


Thanks for the article - looks good to me.

Bart Oldeman

FreeDOS kernel & DOSEMU development maintainer.

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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I use dosemu with DR-DOS run run Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS. It works great - I found that FREEDOS would not run the WP executables but DR-DOS works fine.

It is now running better under Linux than under DOS/Windows, as I have loaded the Apple Laserwriter printer driver and can get full font support for my old HP Deskjet through lpr.

Under DOS using the Deskjet driver there is support only for the printers default courier font.

Wordperfect 5.1 for Dos works on Freedos

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When Freedos boots, it will give an option to bypass the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. WP usually complains about a corrupt packed file or something due to the use of the A20 (register/interrupt?) setting such as when HIMEM is loaded (I believe, I don't have the docs with me). Anyway, bypassing the batch files will allow wp51 to work.

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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WP-5.1 is the killer app that will have me runing DRdos7 with DOSEMU. I may try to point lpr to the WP print driver for my Epson LQ-850. 'Way back when, I had Win3.1 using this driver for faster/better output.

lost backslashes?

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I think some slashes or backslashes got lost on the way to the web page.....

LREDIR F: LINUXFSmntextraspacemessing_about

I'm guessing it should be something like this:

LREDIR F: LINUXFSmntextraspacemessing_about

But lredir has always confused me, so I'm not sure.

Re: lost backslashes?

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Still didn't fix that :)
LREDIR F: LINUX\FS\mnt\extra\space\messing_about
LREDIR F: LINUX\FS/mnt/extra/space/messing_about
also works
Let's see how this HTML comes out: otherwise replace
a double backslash by single backslash.

Re: lost backslashes?

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Hi there Anonymous.

Yes, there should be backlashes in the path for LREDIR. Specifically, they should separate "LINUX", "FS", "mnt", "extraspace", and "messing_about". I have to wonder if this isn't a bug in PHP Nuke.

I'll send an email to the webmaster and find out.

Take care out there.


Marcel (Writer and Free Thinker at Large) Gagn

Re: lost backslashes?

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Ack! Even my backslashes got lost!

Something is very broken here.....

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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An alternative to emulation:

I'm always updating/modifying my Linux partitions, but have occasional need for DOS. So to keep my DOS area stable, I just have a relatively small disk partition where I have installed DR DOS. It just sits there, happy and stable, as I wreak occasional havoc on my Linux areas. I also like the karma of having a DOS with relatively pure lineage back to Gary Kildahl's CP/M.


Richard Sevenich

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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freedos is unstable,

where can i get this DR DOS ?


Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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Huh... almost used dosemu to port a used and antiq book database written in gawd auful basic for a web site. ported it over to a unix basic instead... would have been a neat hack had it gone into production... almost got it working too.

Basic on Linux

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One major use I would have for this is BASIC programming. I'm not a programmer, but I did learn pretty good BASIC back in the dark days of the TRS-80. I still have a copy of GW-BASIC in storage somewhere.

I mention this because python, perl, C and etc are all well and good, but to learn programming on those takes a good understanding of what should happen already. If I'm going to try to teach a kid, for instance, I don't want to start with these wonderfully powerfull languages. I want BASIC crap that can't hurt anything.

Just a random thought, if anyone wants to comment on it.


Re: Basic on Linux

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If you want to teach your children programming why

not try the Squeak Smalltalk environment.

It is a cross platform environment that is pure Object Oriented (Smalltalk) and is designed for teaching children to program.

It can be found at www.squeak.org

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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Thanks Marcel,

I run DOSEMU to enable me to maintain and use several Clipper programs that I started writing, and still continuously update, over 10 years ago. Not only do the programs perform well, but Clipper compiles them in about one third the time they will compile in native DOS on the same computer. DOSEMU removed the last stumbling block to me converting all my computing to Linux over a year ago.


Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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Im also a developer, been working with clipper for 12 years. My question is Im having a Clipper app running under Win9x and DOS boxes and added a linux box in the network, seems to read the information from the server correctly, but only for a while, that it: if a DBF is updated, it doesnt see the updates and mess with my DBFs. Example: one of the DBF is actually a counter with have 1 record with only 1 field, and a number stored, this record is updated from many manchines with rlock() and dbunlock(). But the prog running under doesmu doesnt seems to notice the changes when needed.
BTW the sambafs is mounted in the linux box and i just did a lredir to that directory in order to access the server.
i do would like an answer by email rmartin at coopenet dot com dot ar and would gr8ly appreciate. ty.

Re: Emulate This!, Part 2

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we have a similar project to run old clipper apps under dosemu. i hope you can tell me some news about running clipper and blinker 4.X as protected mode applications, using XMS or DPMI-Memory

we observed real trouble while triing to run dosemu as normal user (not root).

many thanks an advance for your support,


timo.gerbes @ ds-online-ag.de