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VT100 Set-Top Box, Port Server CM, CrossOver Plugin v1.1 and more.
SnapGear PRO+

With an integrated V.90 modem for automatic failover for ADSL and cable-connected customers, the SnapGear PRO+ VPN router appliance offers the ability to switch to a conventional modem connection in the event of an outage. PRO+ has a 3DES capacity of 35Mbps and specific optimizations for the PPPoE protocol used by ADSL. It also can support network throughput up to 18Mbps. Two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces are standard for WAN and LAN traffic, in addition to the modem. A built-in PPTP client and server allows Windows users to connect to the PRO+ without a third-party client. Other features include RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication and dynamic DNS support.

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