Databases and Zope

Reuven shows you how easy it is to turn a simple Zope site into one that reads and writes data in a relational database.

While they are not perfect, I find ZSQL methods to be an elegant way to connect a page of HTML with an underlying database. ZSQL is yet another way in which Zope demonstrates its very flexible, elegant approach to web development—albeit one that makes you scratch your head several times before it all becomes clear and obvious. Someone who already knows DTML and SQL can easily integrate a database into their Zope application—and with ZSQL methods, it's possible to divide work on a site between those who know SQL (and work on the ZSQL methods) and those who want to work on the DTML methods that invoke them.



Reuven M. Lerner is a consultant specializing in web/database applications and open-source software. His book, Core Perl, was published in January 2002 by Prentice Hall. Reuven lives in Modi'in, Israel with his wife and daughter.



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query from a python script

Anonymous's picture

Is it possible to use this connection product in order to
submit an arbitrary query from a python script from the zmi