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Setting up a Video Conference

Anyone done anything with web cameras under Linux? I have a need to do some video conferencing with some people in the US.

—Arnold Robbins,

Many Parallel/USB web cameras are supported by Linux. You should pick a camera that you are interested in and search the web to make sure that camera is supported under Linux. Check out for video conferencing support.

—Christopher Wingert,

I guess the best for you would be to visit (look for the Working devices list) and This HOWTO is about communicating between Microsoft Netmeeting and Linux. Lastly, video and conferencing in Linux are evolving rapidly and are subjects in constant improvement. These links may be good initial references for you to begin with, as they were for some people who just deployed a large Linux-based videoconferencing system.

—Felipe E. Barousse Boué,

Philips has a site for Linux-compatible cameras using USB: For conferencing, check out and

—Paul Christensen,