Taking Advantage of Linux Capabilities

Concentrating on user privileges to appease the security paranoid.

Capabilities can provide sophisticated, fine-grained access control over all aspects of a Linux system. At last, security paranoids will have some tools they so desperately need in their endless fight against “them”.


Michael Bacarella (mike@bacarella.com) is president of Netgraft Corporation, a firm specializing in web system development and information security analysis. He shares an apartment in New York with his wonderful fiancée and a most fearsome green iguana (the iguana's name is Kang.



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Doesn't work for me.

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# execcap 'cap_net_raw=ep' /sbin/sucap nobody nobody /bin/ping www.yahoo.com
Caps: =ep cap_setpcap-ep
Caps: =
[debug] uid:65534, real uid:65534
sucaps: capsetp: Operation not permitted
sucap: child did not exit cleanly.