Product of the Day: BRU-Pro 2.0

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BRU-Pro at a Glance
  • Easiest installation of all professional backup solutions

  • Automatic configuration of client systems and backup devices

  • Multiple levels of data verification

  • Unsurpassed reliability--backups and restores

  • Full data protection, error detection and recovery assure accurate restores

  • System monitoring reports dirty tape drives, bad tape drives and bad tapes

  • Administrator defined security levels

  • Backup and restore at the performance level of your network and backup device

  • Point-and-click interface for file and directory level backup and restore

  • Quick File Access (QFA) provides faster access to files on tape to shorten restore times

  • Network traffic data encryption--provides secure communication between clients and server

  • Network traffic data compression--provides better utilization of network bandwidth

  • End users may be authorized to restore their own files

  • Easy to schedule, unattended, lights out backups

  • Tape bar code reader support

  • Native SCSI library support

  • Supports 64-Bit filesystems

  • Itanium ready

BRU-Pro Servers
  • x86 Linux (glibc 2.1+)

  • ia64 Linux

Check our web site for the most up-to-date listing.

BRU-Pro Clients
  • x86 Linux

  • ia64 Linux

  • PPC Linux

  • Alpha Linux

  • x86 Solaris 8

  • SPARC Solaris 2.5 and 8

  • FreeBSD 3.3/4.x

  • Windows (NT 4.0, ME, 98, 98SE)

  • HP-UX 10/11

  • SCO OpenServer

  • SCO UnixWare 7/Open UNIX

  • AIX 4

  • IRIX 6.5

Check our web site for the most up-to-date listing.

System Requirements
  • 266MHz Pentium II with 128MB RAM

  • 500MHz Pentium III with 128MB RAM is recommended

  • SCSI tape drive, autoloader or library

  • TCP/IP networking

  • CD-ROM drive (not required if the installation files can be accessed via the network)

  • 50MB disk space for program files and libraries

  • 1MB/10,000 files/archives for cataloging

BRU-Pro includes a 60-day full money-back guarantee, and 30 days of FREE technical support. Cost-effective annual extended support plans are also available.

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