JudoScript: Scripting for Java and Beyond

The creator of JudoScript explains the need for and the benefits of a good scripting tool for Java.

This article is a rather high-level introduction to JudoScript, with simple examples that reveal only a taste of what the language can accomplish. JudoScript's language design is different from other 3GL scripting languages because of its willingness to take in a special syntax for specific functional areas. It also is a powerful programming language. Combine these two aspects, and you achieve great computing power.

The applications and abilities of JudoScript, released under the LGPL, continue to grow. We are working on integrating JudoScript with more LGPL or GPL open-source Java projects. The principle is simple: if something is useful and available, JudoScript will make it easier to use and readily scriptable.


For complete information and documentation, visit www.judoscript.com.

James Huang is the author of JudoScript. He conceived, designed and implemented the language single-handedly. He has been doing commercial Java programming for six years and web development for four years.



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Re: JudoScript: Scripting for Java and Beyond

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Congratulations for this great language!

Re: JudoScript: Scripting for Java and Beyond

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First of all, when the JudoScript language was announced on comp.lang.python.announce in late March this year, I thought it was an April Fools' Joke, especially with that "4GL" stuff (like the sendmail example).

Secondly, I don't think that the author justifies his statement that languages such as Jython "...are not good enough to use Java's rich functionality." Having actually used Jython for real-world stuff, I know I'd prefer to use a well-known, well-understood and widely-supported language such as Python whether or not it fits JudoScript's author's ideological criteria.

Re: JudoScript: Scripting for Java and Beyond

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I agree.

The effort to learn yet another new syntax for essentially doing the same job far outweights its benefits.

The JDBC stuff looks good though...

Re: JudoScript: Scripting for Java and Beyond

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<blockquote>Java is a so-called system language, with low-level, fine-granularity APIs and language constructs that enforce good software engineering. But these elements become obstacles in our situations. On a related note, coding in Java requires expertise that is at times not available or desirable.</blockquote>

As someone who has embedded JavaScript support into several Java applications, I must say that your goals while commendable would seem to tail your own notation of the failing of Java. Im not sure a language with so many solution based constructs that must be learned is going to dent that relevant expertise or ease of approachability problem. Like it or not, JavaScript is everywhere, and even the average Graphic Designer understands some fundamentails. Giving users a simple, fascade object written in Java passed through to the JavaScript interpreter seems to me to be much more effective than a whole new language to teach every designer, sysadmin and integrator in the world.