Improving the Speed of PHP Web Scripts

Bruno shows some causes of slow web scripts and gives possible solutions.

This article shows you how PHP cache mechanisms work and provides a do-it-yourself solution. If you test the examples and like them, please feel free to implement your own solutions. However, there other ways to improve performance like function caching, or PHP script precompilation. Some off-the-shelf solutions can offer you these functionalities. You should always look for the best solution for your own needs and do your own testing.


Bruno Pedro, cofounder and manager of ethernet lda., is a systems engineer with ten years' experience in database-related applications. He was an early adopter of Linux and has been using open-source technology since then. Since 1995 he has been developing applications for the Internet.



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wrong script

Anonymous's picture

missing header.php you mention all the functinality of your header.php yet you havent shown the code :(