The Best Multiplatform Development Environment that Ever Lived on One Box

A wish list of capabilities for one environment included security, availability, lots of support for servers and platforms, and remote access. Here's how Linux saved the day and money, too.

After that glowing report on the power of Linux as a multiplatform development environment, I encountered a number of pitfalls.

Getting LVM properly configured and setting up Linux to be able to boot into the LVM environment is not for the faint of heart.

VMware has a lot of support for graphics acceleration when used in the normal way. Because of my particular needs, I lost that graphics acceleration.

While thin, VNC is slow and can have unexplained glitches, like sudden loss of connection.

The layers of security (including encryption on the fly) combined with the layers of virtuality to the NT server (VMware and VNC) causes a fairly sluggish remote session, even over high speed lines.


Linux provides an extremely powerful, enterprise-strength platform at a very low cost. Systems with comparable features to the one I have set up could easily run into the mid-to-high five figures, compared to the well-under-$5,000 I have spent.

Having said that, it still requires a fairly large time investment in configuration, learning curve in the form of reading up on new and as-yet unreleased technologies and risk related to these issues.

The past 10+ years of Linux have shown that it has the ability to gain acceptance and support from big players and will continue to do so. Who would have guessed five years ago that the major database server vendors (Oracle, Sybase) would support Linux? Or that some of the largest corporations in the world (IBM, Sun) would have major software initiatives specifically targeted at Linux?



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Re: The Best Multiplatform Development Environment that Ever Liv

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Ever tested it when it crashed? You use ext2 fs, takes a long time to recover (hours i gues).

But otherwise nice.

Re: The Best Multiplatform Development Environment that Ever Liv

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Well, you should also try It really rocks, even under 28K modem.

Re: The Best Multiplatform Development Environment that Ever Liv

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will use


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