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Unsupported Filesystem

I am using Red Hat 7.1 with Windows 2000 on my system. The primary partition is FAT16 (hdb1), and the secondary partition is NTFS (hdb2). Linux is installed on a second hard drive, which is connected as the secondary slave (hdd). While trying to mount the NTFS partition, I keep getting the following error:

The kernel does not support the ntfs fs.

The version of the kernel is 2.4.2-2. All my data resides on the NTFS partition. I would like to use Linux as the primary OS, without changing the partition structure.

—Nigel Pereira,

In order to mount and access this partition, you'll have to compile the ntfs support in your kernel, since it is not available by default. The process of configuring and compiling the kernel is documented in the Kernel HOWTO that usually can be found in your distribution or at the linuxdoc site ( Be careful though to keep the last working version so you can boot back if something goes wrong. Your best solution would be to migrate that partition to FAT32, but if you require NTFS, then you will need to compile yourself a new kernel. Enable experimental code to see the option for NTFS. Whatever you do, do not enable write support. It is guaranteed to hose your partition.

—Ben Ford,

I Have No FontTastic, and I Must Use WordPerfect

I am running Red Hat 7.0; I installed WordPerfect Office 2000, and I get the following message every time I attempt to open/run any WordPerfect Office 2000 products:

Unable to add FontTastic font server to the font
path. The font server is probably not installed or
not running. Correct the problem and try again.

I've gone to the Corel web site, sent them messages and still haven't resolved the problem. Is there any reader or staff member at Linux Journal able to help me?

—James H. Birdsong,

For some reason the WordPerfect team at Corel decided they needed their own font server. Unfortunately, this has some issues with XFree86 4. This is a known issue; search the Corel newsgroups for the solution.

—Ben Ford,

Two Questions, One Answer

How can I move my MP3 files from FAT32 to Linux's ext2?


When I was using Mandrake, it would recognize and mount my windows drives that I have on a separate hard drive just fine. Now that I am using Red Hat 7.2, my windows drives are not listed, and I cannot mount them. Is there anything I can do to mount /dev/hda? Right now it is installed on dev/hdb.

—Glen Kingston,

You have to mount your Windows partition in Linux. To figure out what your Windows partition is use fdisk -l /dev/hda. Look for your Windows partition (FAT32 or NTFS), then mount your partition. For example, if your Windows partition is /dev/hda1, do the following as root:

mkdir /dos
mount /dev/hda1 /dos

Your Windows partition will appear under the /dos/ directory.

—Christopher Wingert,



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I need some help here, I am using SuSE 7.3 and trying to get Quake III Arena to work. It runs, except that it is choppy and very slow. I have an ATI Rage 128 Ultra AGP video card. Is there any way I can fix this problem?. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to respond directly to me at:



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I can't even get GLX to work with my Rage 128 Pro TF, got the feeling that DRI messes it up.