New Products

Java Generic Library, Web ToolKit, InvisibleWeb & Offline Proxy Server and more.
Java Generic Library

ObjectSpace,Inc. announced its Java Generic Library (JGL) is now available free for commercial use. JGL is a comprehensive set of 14 reusable containers and 70 algorithms for Java and is completely compatible with Sun Microsystems' Java Developer's Kit (JDK). The release includes full source code, on-line HTML documentation, examples, tutorial and a suite of performance benchmarks. JGL can be downloaded from

Contact: ObjectSpace, Inc. 14881 Quorum Drive, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75240, Phone: 214-934-2496, FAX: 214-663-9100, E-mail:, URL:

Web ToolKit

ObjectSpace, Inc. also announced the release of Web<ToolKit>, a new ANSI/ISO compatible C++ class library for producing dynamic and interactive HTML World Wide Web pages. It supports HTML page creation using a set of C++ classes representing HTML elements, including test, links, graphics, tables, forms, frames and widgets. Software for UNIX platforms will be available for a cost of $475.

Contact: ObjectSpace, Inc., 14811 Quorum Dr., Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75240, Phone: 214-934-2496, Fax: 214-663-9100, E-mail:, URL:

InvisibleWeb & Offline Proxy Server

Innovative Software now offers the first two Linux ports of products for Internet users. The first port is the Offline Proxy Server that allows the user to switch between an “online” and “offline mode.” When in offline mode, it doesn't try to contact remote servers when a document is available on the local disk; in online mode it is transparent. The second port is the InvisibleWeb, a command-line tool that allows you to automate the process of downloading documents from a WWW site. The two products can be used separately or together. Free evaluation copies of both products can be downloaded from:

Contact: Innovative Software GmbH, Kaiserstrasse 65, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Phone: +49-69-236929, Fax: +49-69-236930, E-mail: URL:

Internet and Intranet/Web Server with Cyrix 166MHz chip

Datacomm Technologies announced the availability of Internet/Intranet Servers, Interserve-6150 and 6166, constructed using fast 6x86 CPU(s) from Cyrix Corporation, a Texas chip manufacturer. Interserve-6150 and 6166 are multi-user/multi-tasking web servers with a true 32-bit operating sytem. For the Internet both servers provide Netscape Navigator 2.0, complete integration of DNS/NIS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, SNMP, PPP/SLIP, NNTP, WAIS, Gopher and more. For Intranet services both servers provide the ability to act as Netware 3.x/4.x client, with auto-mounted volumes, Enterprise wide bakup utilty and printing, drag & drop administration tools and more. These servers run under Linux using Caldera.

Contact: Datacomm Technologies, 1617 S. Norton Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90019, Phone: 800-607-9640, 213-737-5599, E-mail:

ARDI Executor 2

ARDI announced the release of Executor 2 on CD-ROM now in beta release. The CD contains Executor/DOS, Executor/Linux and Executor/NEXTSTEP as well as a sample of Macintosh freeware, demoware and shareware. Executor 2 allows serious Macintosh applications and games to run under Linux. During the beta testing, the Executor2 CD is available for $149. Beta CD licensees will automatically be sent the complete Executor 2 CD when it is ready. Price of finished release will be $249.

Contact: ARDI, 1650 University Blvd. NE, Suite 4-101, Albuquerque, NM 87102, Phone: 505-766-9115, FAX: 505-766-5153, E-mail: , URL:

TowerEiffel Release 2.0

Tower Technology Corporation announced the availability of TowerEiffel Release 2.0. TowerEiffel is a full object-oriented life-cycle development environment for building reusable frameworks, applications and systems. It is available for many Unix platforms, including Linux. Two versions will be available: the Professional version at a price of $995 for Linux, and an introductory Lite version for a price of $325.

Contact: Tower Technology Corp., Austin, Texas, Phone: 512-452-9455, E-mail: , URL: