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VXA AutoRak, LinuxCad 3.0, Niveus 205 and more.

International Messaging Associates (IMA) announces the release of Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) version 6.0. The core of IEMS6 is the messaging application framework, an application development environment where administrators can build simple messaging-enabled applications and link them to e-mail, GSM, SMS and the Internet. Users can access applications in corporate and SOHO environments, on home networks, by SMS-enabled cell phones or any web-enabled device. IEMS6 offers calendaring and scheduling functions that support Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Outlook back ends. Enhanced SSL support for SMTP and SMTP Auth Support, an attachment removal filter and a message storage encryption module also are included in IEMS6.

Contact: International Messaging Associates, Ltd., 27/F China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong,,



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Nine years later..

Anonymous's picture

And we have actual telepresence conferencing, it's a crazy industry! I remember the Linux Server though, with its instant messaging and tinny audio quality! Those were the days!