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LJ Index—December 2001
  1. Percentage of TimeWarner-related celebrities featured on AOL's starter page in a 30-day period: 78

  2. Number of children who jumped up and down on one day in the UK hoping to cause an earthquake: 1,000,000

  3. Tons of energy released by a million children jumping up and down: 75,000

  4. Number of zSeries mainframe computers sold by IBM as of September 24, 2001: 1,000

  5. Percentage of those mainframes on which Linux was installed: 10

  6. Typical cost of a zSeries mainframe in millions of dollars: 1

  7. Sum in millions of dollars pledged to Stanford University by Jim Clark: 150

  8. Sum in millions of dollars suspended from the pledge by Jim Clark “pending the outcome of ongoing political deliberations” over stem-cell research restrictions by Congress: 60

  9. According to a Cisco poster, number of cold beverages consumed per day by Cisco employees: 5

  10. According to the same poster, annual savings in millions of dollars to Cisco from consumption of one less beverage per day per employee: 2

  11. According to a web site responding to the poster, sum in millions of dollars Cisco spends daily venting carbon dioxide out of its buildings: 7

  12. According to the same web site, sum in dollars saved monthly if every Cisco employee breathed four percent less: 140,000

  13. Wireless manufacturing spending in millions of dollars by 2002: 884

  14. Millions of Wi-Fi (802.11b) products installed by the end of 2001: 10

  15. Percentage of companies that plan to allocate less than $250,000 to support wireless access: 60

  16. Percentage of companies that expect to spend less than one million dollars by 2004: 61

  17. Distance in feet traveled by the scramjet in 30 milliseconds: 5,325

  18. Speed in miles per hour reached in the same flight: 260

  19. Length in feet of the cannon from which the scramjet was fired: 130

  20. Peak G-force acceleration of the scramjet in flight: 10,000

  21. DARPA expenditures in dollars for the scramjet project: 800,000


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13-14: William Gurley, CNET, quoting Frost & Sullivan and Cahners In-Stat, respectively

15-16: Dow Jones Newswire

17-21: Slashdot

They Said It

Gee, everyone said that there'd be consolidation in the Linux space, but this is a bit bigger than I expected!

—Dave Sifry, on the HP-Compaq merger

Open Source and Complexity theory hold the strategic keys to managing risk in the age of terrorism.

—Eric Norlin

Tragedy purges the mind of trivia.

—George Gilder

Computers pose no threat to humans beyond Microsoft's blue screen of death and fatal-error messages.

—George Gilder

The problem [with the Internet] is that it was devised by a bunch of hippie anarchists who didn't have a strong profit motive. But this is a business, not a government-sponsored network.

—Tom Nolle

The Internet did not replace TV, newspapers, magazines, Sears, the US Postal Service, Barnes & Noble or grocery stores in people's daily lives. It augmented them.

—Jason Kottke

Proprietary software developers are all doing something wrong, but this doesn't mean they are all incompetent.

—Richard M. Stallman

Networking is simply the cultivating of mutually beneficial, give and take, win-win relationships. It works best, however, when emphasizing the “give” part.

—Bob Burg

Advertising is, and always will be, inherently ludicrous, and is generally deserving of satire.

—John Chambers

The Current Ports of Linux

“Linux is not portable (uses 386 task switching etc.), and it probably never will support any thing other than AT-hard disk, as that's all I have.” --Linus Torvalds, August 25, 1991 The Current Ports of Linux web site reminds us how far Linux has come by providing information and links on on architectures to which Linux is ported thus far. Visit www.cyut.edu.tw/~ckhung/resource/linux_ports.html.


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