Open Letter to Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO, Walt Disney Company

An appeal to consider the effects of the proposed SSSCA censorship bill on free speech.


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Dear Mr. Eisner, I have in

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Dear Mr. Eisner, I have in my possesion a regular 8mm movie reel in the box of the original steam boat willie I also have the progector and screen if you might be interested in this please e-mail me thank you

Michael Eisner Pay Attention

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I believe in the right of freedom of speech, however,
Mr.Eisner you need to do something about Rosie O'Donnell, she is totaly out of control.
If you plan on keeping her on "The View" with her spouting out things about this country and it's representives, that she cannot prove or back up, then you need to have someone on there strong enough and knowledgable enough to counter her.
As long as she is on ABC, I, as well as the people I know and I know many will not watch any ABC stations, make a presence to any Disney World, Disney Land theme parks or Cruiseship trips.

Rosie O'Donell

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I Believe in freedom of speech too Rosie isnt nothin but a critisism back stabber!!!!

hercules videogame

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Dear Mr.Eisner,

I think disney should make two games for hercules. The first could be called Hercules: Hero in training where you would get through life as a teenager defeat hades, fight the hydra and become a god. The next would I don't excatly have a name for but it could be about life as a god, helping people and stopping the titans. Even if you only made just one copy and sent it to me ,I would be overly grateful. I live at 8136 Knollwood Rd.

Ammiture Musical Contest posibility

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Perhaps this is the wrong place for this but I am searching for help in a way that will be of bennefit to more then my self. I am 49 years old and I have more then thirty country songs under copy write to bring to the piblic arena as a call back to triditional country. It would be in the forme of a compitition that would only by open to amitures not under contract who wish to turn profesional. Further the goal would be that a new professional band would be formed and continue for many years to the benefit of the country and the world.
Mr. eisner you have shown your self to have the foresight to go beyond others in your area and I request that you try to see the potential here, I can send you what information that you would require to consider this. Lastly, this would literaly blow all other networks off the table in compitition with you and qontinue for long after words. My contact information is
Jerry Lee Craig sr.
320-568-2492 P.S. There are books connected to the songs and I believe that Disny could make use of the story line as well. It's a very large project thank you.