Help with Designing or Debugging CORBA Applications

How to add CORBA GIOP/IIOP decoding capabilities to an open-source protocol analyzer.

The aim of this article was to introduce you to generating CORBA GIOP/IIOP plugins for Ethereal using the new GIOP API recently implemented and also, to show how to generate compilable plugins (using idl2eth) for your project with a minimum amount of work.

We will continue developing the CORBA side of things within the Ethereal Project to improve areas such as operation, name collision and FRAGMENT handling.

Hopefully readers will find these enhancements to a great open-source project as useful as I did.


Useful Links





Linux DCE, CORBA and DCOM Guide:





CORBA v2.4.2 Specification, OMG, February 2001.

Ethereal User's Guide:

Java Programming with CORBA, 3rd Edition by Gerald Brose, Andreas Vogel and Keith Duddy. Wiley, 2001.


I would like to acknowledge the help and assistance of the following people: Lalin Sourjah (Manager, BSS, ASO Americas) for fostering a creative work environment for us at Ericsson Inc., Trevor Shepherd (Senior Software Engineer, Ericsson Inc.) for assistance with GIOP API development, Gerald Combs (original Ethereal author) and all of the Ethereal developers for their support and constructive feedback. It was most welcome.

Frank C. Singleton (VK3FCS/KM5WS) works for Ericsson Inc., based in Richardson, Texas. His main roles are GSM software verification and troubleshooting. He is one of the founding members of hamlib ( When not hacking, he usually is found making furniture in his workshop.



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Re: Help with Designing or Debugging CORBA Applications

Anonymous's picture

There's a young project hosted by

called CorbaTrace that aimed to trace Corba calls

on the corba bus. It's written in Java

It's quite younger, but could be interresting with some help

Find more information here: