2001 Readers' Choice Awards

See how your preferences compare with the rest of LJ's intrepid readers, all of whom are highly attractive.

Sorting through the results of the 2001 Readers' Choice Awards, ballots gathered from six weeks of on-line voting, it's clear that Linux Journal readers have opinions on everything—lots of opinions. Also evident is the fact that more options, tools and methods exist now than ever before; a good thing to keep in mind during a year so turbulent.

This year over 6,500 readers voted in 24 categories, from favorite Linux book and office suite, to favorite communications board and backup utility. Thank you to everyone who participated. Now, on to the results.

Favorite Distribution

1. Red Hat 2. Debian 3. Mandrake

Red Hat received 30% of the votes this year, repeating their victory from last year. Debian moved from fourth to second place this year, and Mandrake stayed at third. Linux from Scratch and the Polish Linux Distribution (PLD) were the most popular write-ins.

Favorite Graphics Program

1. The GIMP 2. xv/xview 3. CorelDRAW

The winner here is what you would expect; the GIMP received 77% of the total votes. xFig and Photoshop were the favorites among write-in votes, with pleas for a Photoshop port abundant.

Favorite Word Processor

1. StarOffice 2. AbiWord 3. Kword

StarOffice wins this category for the second consecutive year. Its nearest competitor, AbiWord, received half as many votes, and the spread between it, KWord and Emacs was only 19 votes. Though not really a word processor, LaTeX was the favorite write-in.

Favorite Text Editor

1. vim 2. vi (and clones) 3. GNU Emacs

We took your advice from last year and split vi and vim into separate categories. This time around vim wins with twice as many votes. mcedit took the write-in vote.

Favorite Desktop Environment

1. KDE 2. GNOME 3. Window Maker

This was one of the most popular categories, and KDE is the clear winner, receiving 40% of all votes. GNOME came in second with 24.5%, and the favorite write-in was xfcr. And special mention, of course, for the command line.

Favorite Office Suite

1. StarOffice 2. KOffice 3. WordPerfect

StarOffice is your favorite word processor and your favorite office suite this year, same as in 2000. KOffice finished a strong second this year, after a small showing last year. And, the write-in opinions want everyone to check out Open Office.

Favorite Programming Language

1. C 2. Perl 3. C++

Here's another category where we took your advice from last year and split C/C++ into separate categories because, hey, they're not the same. Java and PHP finish out the top five, with Python just missing out by 15 votes. Kylix/Object Pascal had a strong write-in showing, over 200 votes.

Favorite Development Tool

1. GCC 2. Emacs 3. KDevelop

GCC took first place again this year, but by a percentage significantly lower than last year. Emacs continues to prove its flexibility here, too. Last year's popular write-in, KDevelop, took third place this year, while Borland's Kylix made another strong write-in showing.

Favorite Shell

1. bash 2. tcsh 3. ksh

Eighty-one percent of all voters chose bash as their favorite shell, with tcsh coming in a distant second. ksh came in third, but only by receiving five more votes than fourth-place zsh.

Favorite Processor Architecture

1. AMD Athlon 2. Intel Pentium 3. PowerPC

Readers' favorite processor is the AMD Athlon, tallying 42% of the votes. AMD's Duron, K6-II and Celeron were popular write-ins. Quite a few votes commented that their selection of Pentium was out of necessity, not performance.

Favorite Communications Board

1. Cyclades 2. Digi International 3. Equinox

This one received the fewest total number of votes and, judging from some of the comments, it's because not everyone knows what we're talking about. Well, it's not a surfboard and it's not a bulletin board. Of those who did get our meaning, Cyclades is the favorite.



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Anonymous's picture

thanks for this

Good list. They pretty much

Tim's picture

Good list. They pretty much reflect my opinion too.

Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

Actually, Galeon is much better than other browsers.

It's based on Gecko, the rendering engine of Mozilla,

but the user interface is fast, clean and full featured.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

Opera. Light-weight, fast, customisable & compliant.

Web browsers

Anonymous's picture

Opera, Closed Source and Slow (At least on my Computer).

Konqueror, bloated because it is a file manager and Web browser all in one.

Epiphany would be my favourite, it just needs a few more features. For now I use Firefox.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

Konqueror is too raw, Galeon is too GTK. I use Mozilla. It's crappy, no doubt, but that's my favorite e-mail client and brower under Linux.

Noone still beats IE5. Opera under Linux is crappy as well.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

Mozilla is not crappy. It's simply the best browser out there. What other browsers will support SVG, MathML, CSS, etc.. etc.. all natively ?

IE 5 is the most sucks browser I've ever seen.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

Oh and I forgot to mention: the caching sucks.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

IE? Not to point out the obvious, but it is a resource pig, is slow as molasses, and can't render CSS1 properly, try developing a standards compliant website some time and see how much extra adjusting you need to do to make it work in IE.

But different strokes for different folks I guess.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

Galeon also has a better setup druid.

Re: Galeon is much better than Mozilla

Anonymous's picture

> Actually, Galeon is much better than other browsers.

> It's based on Gecko

And so is Konqueror afaik...

Re: 2001 Readers' Choice Awards

Anonymous's picture

Favorite E-mail Client shows:

1. Netscape 2. KMail 3. pine

i.e Pine is #3. But the descriptions says:

Although there are winners in this category, none claim dominance.

Barely 70 votes separated Netscape, in first place, from

    third-place mutt

Which (of pine or mutt) was really 3rd place ?

Favorite audio tool?

Anonymous's picture

Shouldn't pmg123 be mpg123? Once you fix the

typo, feel free to delete this comment.

Re: Favorite audio tool?

Anonymous's picture

A young man identifying himself with Readers' Choice, called me a few minutes ago and when I refused to give him information, he said, "You are a freak." He then hung up. I suspect that your company is in bad need of solicitors......and needs to inform your solicitors that they are not needed when they leave a "victim" of solicitation with a bad reflection on your company!!!!

Re: Favorite audio tool?

Anonymous's picture

The typo's in the print magazine too. :)

Re: 2001 Readers' Choice Awards

Anonymous's picture

StarOffice? Netscape? Do you people even run linux or jusst see the IBM ads with the guys in teh space suits? Big-ass ugly Motif applications, yes that's the best of Linux, you bet.

Re: 2001 Readers' Choice Awards

Anonymous's picture

Motif? Last time I used Motif, or rather, last time I installed any motif looking application on linux I was using linux kernel 2.0.18 ... Now I'm using Netscape Communicator, StarOffice, and more... I'm using Kernel 2.4.9, and as another poster mentioned, I too am all for big companies will to tout Linux and Open Source, even if I don't necessarily agree with "Big Blue" or the corporate idealogy.

Don't force me to use a specific product, and I won't complain. Rub my back, and maybe, just maybe, I'll rub yours...

Linux isn't for geeks anymore, and most of the computer geeks I know have every Gnome/GTK and KDE application for linux installed on their systems... for the sheer fun of being able to say "yah so? I have that and more working and running fine on Linux, what's your point?"

Re: 2001 Readers' Choice Awards

Anonymous's picture

StarOffice & Netscape are for people who actually use more than an old 386 box, which is most people, therefore the most votes. And I support IBM's enthusiasm for the Linux community. I'm not wild about their prices, but the attention of companies looking to develop Linux apps is welcome in my book.

Re: 2001 Readers' Choice Awards

Anonymous's picture

I guess this is a good thing. It proves the fact that Linux is widely spread, and not a geek's OS anymore.