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Regressions in the installation programs of recent Linux distros

masinick's picture

I have a Compaq Presario, 2001 factory refurbished vintage. It comes with the Compaq OEM Internet keyboard (a USB keyboard), an OEM version of the Logitech basic Wheel Mouse, 64 MB memory, a 20 GB Quantum Fireball disk. To this, I have added another 20 GB Western Digital disk, a 3COM 905B series Ethernet adapter, and an additional 256 MB stick of memory, bringing memory capacity to 320 MB and disk capacity to 2- 20 GB disks.

I have installed several versions of Linux. Mandrake and Red Hat are two of my favorites. The 8.0 and 7.1 versions of each installed flawlessly. Recently, I installed the new 8.1 and 7.2 versions, respectively. The Mandrake 8.1 version now has problems using the mouse during installation, and the Red Hat 7.2 version cannot even detect the keyboard.

I have two questions:

Any ideas what cause these regressions?

Are there any good workarounds or fixes available for either distro?


Brian Masinick

Re: Regressions in the installation programs of recent Linux dis

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I have the exact same problem...

I have the new Presario 8000 serie with the AMD XP and the compaq USB internet keyboard. I tried to installed Redhat 7.2, but it couldn't detect the keyboard. Actually, I should say: it does detect it once in a while (once every 5 or 6 reboot).

It seems like before it loads the USB support from the kernel, the keyboard works fine (Numlock, caps lock works), but most of the time after the USB is loaded, the keyboard doesn't work aymore...

I don't know what's wrong, especially since I had Redhat 7.1 before on the same computer and it was working great!?

Thank you.