Browser Comparison

A lot of web browsers are available for Linux, and quite a few are pre-1.0 versions. Here's what they can do—and what they can't do.

Quite a few browsers are available for Linux, and the competition seems to bring out useful features in all of them. For the most part, all of these browsers are good enough to be used for day-to-day browsing, but your choices may be limited depending upon the sites you visit. Several of the programs examined are pre-1.0 versions, so there is hope that any quirks and bugs will be worked out as development continues.


Ralph Krause lives in Michigan's lower peninsula and works as a writer, web designer and programmer. He has been using Linux for over three years and can be reached at



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Galeon quirks

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Actually, the 'small annoyance' mentioned as part of Galeon (ie: clearing the filename in the file save dialog) is a flaw in the GNOME file dialog, and not in Galeon itself. Check bug 6791 for more details.

Re: Galeon quirks

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Actually, I think that's a GTK+ bug, not a GNOME-specific bug.