The e-smith server and gateway

Product: e-smith server and gateway Manufacturer:e-smith, inc. Web Price:$595+ US Reviewer:Marcel Gagné "Have you got an old 486 lying around somewhere?"
The Cost

e-smith is available directly from the company for $595 US and includes a one year support subscription. This includes the packaged software along with documentation, unlimited technical support and regular updates (security updates, patches, etc) which come out a few times during the course of the year and arrive on CD-ROM.

The price is somewhat flexible depending on the type of organization and the reseller. Different dealers will offer additional or included services, and the price may vary. Check with e-smith and ask them to put you in touch with a local reseller.

You can also download a copy from e-smith's web site, but at that point you are on your own.


All in all, e-smith is an excellent idea. It provides a neat, packaged solution with a strong emphasis on security that is quite admirable if not downright laudable. The web interface means you can then turn the finished product over to your customers so they can handle their own administration once the installation is complete. Finally, the update service means you can let someone else keep an eye on security fixes and updates.

In particular, I believe that this is an excellent product for resellers or systems integrators. It provides them with an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-administer solution. My experience with the installation process confirmed that for me. Would I recommend this for the home user? Probably not. Would I recommend it for small- and medium-sized businesses that need an internet server and firewall? Absolutely.


Boston:e-smith, inc.1050 Winter StreetSuite 1000Waltham, MA 02451

Ottawa:e-smith, inc.150 Metcalfe StreetSuite 1500Ottawa, ONCanadaK2P 1P1

Marcel Gagné lives in Mississauga, Ontario. In real life, he is president of Salmar Consulting Inc, a systems integration and network consulting firm. He is also a pilot, writes science fiction and fantasy, and is co-editor of TransVersions, a science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthology. He loves Linux and all flavors of UNIX and will even admit it in public. He is the author of Linux System Administration: A User's Guide, available this fall from Addison Wesley. He can be reached via e-mail at You can discover lots of other things (including great Wine links) from his web site.



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This is my fisrst time using

Anonymous's picture

This is my fisrst time using SME Server 7.4, I have used Linux over the years with no problems, but trying to set up SME for the internet was a nightmare!! I still don't have it working after two months any many configuation changes later.