Moneydance Personal Finance Manager

Vendor: AppGen Business Software, Inc. URL: (free trial download available) Mail List: Price: $39.99 (on-line registration or shrink-wrapped box) Moneydance is a personal finance manager package, much like Quicken, but it's written in Java which allows it to run on a number of platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows and MacOS.

The Moneydance manual is small and concise (about 70 pages). It very clearly walks through the install process for all platforms (Linux/UNIX, Windows, MacOS), and numerous screenshots show initial account setup, importing of QIF data, on-line banking features and more. It even spends a bit of time explaining accounting terminology and some basics, in case you don't happen to be familiar with them. Screenshots are a nice balance of shots from both Windows and Macintosh versions. The Linux screens are nearly identical to the Windows' ones, aside from window decorations, so you should have no problem there. The Moneydance mail list is monitored by the developers, and I got a quick response to my questions on using the Python plugin.


All in all, if Quicken is what has been keeping you locked into that other OS, I think you may be able to reclaim a disk partition if you switch over to Moneydance. AppGen is also getting ready to release MyBooks for Linux, a product competitive with QuickBooks, should you need something for a small business--what I'm waiting for.