GPG: the Best Free Crypto You Aren't Using, Part II of II

Mick picks up where he left off with GnuPG and gets even more paranoid with signing and verifying keys.

Thus endeth our two-month tutorial on basic GnuPG use. This is one tool that many, many more of us should be using than presently do. So please, go forth and encrypt. Specifically, encrypt using keys that have been signed and verified by people you know.

By the way, I'll be off next month working on a book on Linux security for O'Reilly & Associates. Fear not, however; an able substitute will be found to handle the column while I'm gone, and I'll be back the month after that. Cheers!


Mick Bauer ( is a network security consultant in the Twin Cities area. He's been a Linux devotee since 1995 and an OpenBSD zealot since 1997, and enjoys getting these cutting-edge OSes to run on obsolete junk.