DreamWorks Feature Linux and Animation

Robin explains the process and benefits of making animated movies with Linux.


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I have maya 2011 and would

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I have maya 2011 and would love to learn how to use it to the max! any hints or pointers?

information on linux

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is 3-d studio max compatible with Linux OS?

3DS Max for Linux

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3D Studio Max is not publicaly available for and linux OS because to say linux OS is a very broad comment.

As of now there are over 300 different linux distributions. A distribution is a linux "bundle". These bundles are specially designed to do what ever you want. That is why linux software is distributed in the form of source code. This source code is compiled on your linux distro and therefor is fitted like a glove to your machine.

The reason they don't have 3D Studio Max for ;inux is because they don't want to release their source code, as this it cost money and they don't want to give away their secrets.

But for big compainies like DreamWorks SKG I'm sure that Autodesk would be more than willing to sell them a working linux version (source code).

So the short version is:
3DS Max for linux is for big developers only.

I need 3D Max Software

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I need a 3D Max Software bacause is my job

I need 3D Max Software

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I need a 3D Max Sogtware bacause is my job

speaking English fucking

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Not all linux apps have to be free

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Proprietary applications are distributed in binary form for linux.

3d studio max is not availible for linux only because YOU (and other users) didnt ever request linux support from the 3D studio's developers.
Or you were simply to few.


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There are many ways to get 3D Studio Max working on Linux,
WINE is almost like an emulator just like VMWARE. Which will emulate Microsoft. Meaning you can run All of your fancy Microsoft software on LINUX*

Linux and source code

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That is not entirely true.
Many softwares come nowadays in binary form for Linux. There are commercial softwares that run on Linux and don't have they're source code open to the public.
Three examples that come to my mind: Adobe's Flash Player, Opera browser and Java Virtual Machines.
That means that if AutoDesk really wants to release 3D Studio for Linux, they can, and they don't risk losing any of their "secrets".

Java Virtual Machines are

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Little correction:
Java Virtual Machines are now open source.

True to say that even some Linux Distro's are not free neither 100% open source. RedHat Enterprise edition, SuSE are examples.

Re: GFX: DreamWorks Feature Linux and Animation

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hi i always admired with computer animation, and CGI and would like to know the kinda software used, where can i get the resources and who can i refer to..

nash : themasked_thrilla@hotmail.com

Re: GFX: DreamWorks Feature Linux and Animation

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how do you get hold of basic 3d animation software. how do you get into the business. please tell me

Get Blender!!

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You should start out by downloading blender;

This is a free 3D animation and modelling tool...

www.blender.org <--- It may be difficult to use, but all of them are!

Maya is what dreamworks use, Maya unlimited v6.0 is very expensive, you could buy it to learn it, but it's so expensive that the chances of you being put off by it's difficulty outweigh any good stuff.

If you really want to learn Maya, I would advise going to university, I think it was Brighton Uni that does courses in 3D Visualisation if your interested (and in the UK).

Re: GFX: DreamWorks Feature Linux and Animation

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I'd like to learn from your tecnics.
I love cartoons but here in my country we don

i want to know more about animation

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hi i am a universty student and i want to have my animation film befor i gratuat so show me the tecnicse to do what i want

blender works great

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blender works great & there are lots of totorials & books to teach you everything you need to know. there are also video totorials. check out elephants dream. its a open source movie made with blender & a few other open source products. it has all the .blend files on the dvd