Borland is creating a commercial market for Linux that has been poorly represented until now.

Kylix is an extensive development product and delivers more than any other commercial equivalent for Linux through its business-oriented components. Borland is serious about being part of the Linux community and has shown this by releasing the Open edition for no cost to download and $99 for physical media, as well as making the CLX components available as open source. If the Object Pascal programming language is not an issue, Kylix is the development tool for commercial Linux development. The Open edition serves the Open Source community. Although there are one or two hiccups, Borland has bravely paved the way for commercial development on Linux.

The Good/The Bad

Petr Sorfa ( is a member of the Santa Cruz Operation's Development Systems Group, where he is the maintainer of the cscope and Sar3D open-source projects. He has a BSc from the University of Cape Town and a BSC Honours from Rhodes University. His interests include open-source projects, computer graphics, development systems and sequential art (comics).



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borland kylix

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Dear Sir,

Please tell me the download address free borland kylix ?


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Take a look at this:
It is a Delphi-like development environment for Object Pascal.