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How Can I Set the FTP Welcome Message?

I want to be able to change both the initial message displayed when a user opens an FTP connection to my system and the login message. I know this is supposed to happen in ftpaccess, but I can't for the life of me find the files referred to in the configuration files /welcome.msg and .message. Is it that these files simply don't exist, and the messages displaying are defaults? Help. —Jon Dewey,

These files exist in your anonymous ftp area. On Red Hat this is usually /home/ftp. If you place a text file called welcome.msg in that directory, it will appear when someone anonymously logs into your machine. —Christopher Wingert,

Wiping a Hard Drive MBR

I can't install Linux due to an MBR problem and the message RAMDISK: Compressed file at block 0.

I have tried to cfdisk but no luck. I tried all sorts of boot/rescue diskettes without luck for two years now.

How can I wipe this hard disk clean before I install RHLinux? —Joseph Lalingo,

You can wipe the MBR with lilo -u. —Christopher Wingert,

Kernel Panic on Boot

I installed Red Hat 7.0 as a dual boot with Windows 98 on my Toshiba laptop. Now when I boot, I am unable to get to either operating system, just a series of bracketed numbers, and the following message:

Code:89 02 85 c0 74 03 89 50 04 b8 01 00 00 00 eb
  03 90 31 c0 c7
Aiee, killing interrupt handler
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task!
In interrupt handler - not syncing

I am unable now to boot from diskette or CD-ROM. —Neil O'Connor,

Boot your laptop using the rescue floppy created at install time, and run /sbin/lilo. This will reinstall LILO, and you should be able to boot from the hard disk again. —Usman S. Ansari,