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DupLinux from Arco, Firewall-in-a-Box, Max Server Pages and more.
PostgreSQL 7.1

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has made PostgreSQL version 7.1 available for download from the web site and mirror sites. Key new features of the 7.1 release include: the write-ahead log (WAL), which increases data integrity and processing speed because only one modified log file must be flushed to disk; rows of any length, via the oversized attribute storage technique (TOAST); support for SQL92 outer joins; 64-bit C function manager support; and improved support and speed for complex queries.

Contact: PostgreSQL Global Development Group, P.O. Box 1648, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada B0P 1X0, 877-542-0713 (toll-free),,


QLogic Corporation introduced SANblade, a board-level platform that allows OEMs and ITs to standardize SAN connectivity products for server and storage systems. SANblade is designed to support a broad range of application-specific requirements with a common hardware interface platform, software management suite, driver interface and sales channel. Currently based on Fibre Channel products, the SANblade family aids design, acquisition and deployment of products around a standard CDI to speed up development and time to market.

Contact: QLogic Corporation, 26600 Laguna Hills Drive, Aliso Viejo, California 92656, 800-662-4471 (toll-free),