A Book for the Masses

A good reference for techies and an introduction for newbies.

Overall, this is a great reference and beginner's guide to both system and network administration under Linux. The illustrated comparisons between NT/2000 and Linux simplify the process of porting a single machine or a network to Linux; clear language and general technical principles make the vast majority of the chapters indispensable to current Linux administrators and users.

If you are a librarian, don't waste time ordering and reordering. Don't worry about the books being swiped off the shelves--be prepared for it. This is the kind of book that opens up whole new worlds and "embiggens" the smallest technical minds. It's not perfect, but it's certainly comprehensive and comprehensible. Get your additional stock now.

Stephanie Black is a writer of words and code. When not writing, she runs a Linux consultancy, Coastal Den Computing, in Vancouver, BC Canada. In her off-hours, she's usually playing fetch with her cats or collaborating/colluding with her partner, a fabric artist and business manager.