Protozilla: Pipes, Protocols and the Web Browser

Protozilla allows client-side CGI to extend Mozilla-based web browsers.

Protozilla is aimed at promoting the integration between the browser and the operating system. This sort of integration has received a bad name in recent years because of the way in which it was first attempted on the Windows platform, leading to allegations of monopolistic practices. However, this integration is certainly desirable if done correctly, i.e., preserving modularity, using open standards and, even better, using open source. Protozilla is an open-source project whose goal is to become a standard feature of the open-source Mozilla browser eventually and thus make this integration available to every Mozilla user.

The Protozilla web site is located at It is sponsored by, which also hosts several other interesting projects based upon the concept of Mozilla as an application platform.

R. Saravanan has been an avid Linux user ever since Red Hat 3.0.3, which allowed him to replicate his UNIX work environment on his home PC.