Checking Your Work with Scanners, Part II: Nessus

Take security evaluation and vulnerability reduction to a higher level with Nessus.
Some Parting Thoughts

Nessus is a powerful, flexible, commercial-grade, but completely free security scanner. When generated and interpreted properly, Nessus reports can help you stay ahead of the well known vulnerability curve. We haven't discussed how to write custom plugins, but these allow you to test not only for commonly known vulnerabilities but even brand-new or hitherto unknown exploits.

Again, please, use this tool responsibly. Assuming you will, have fun!

Mick Bauer ( is a network security consultant in the Twin Cities area. He's been a Linux devotee since 1995 and an OpenBSD zealot since 1997, taking particular pleasure in getting these cutting-edge operating systems to run on obsolete junk. Mick welcomes questions, comments and greetings.



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External nmap not really a pre requisite

Anonymous's picture

The subject syas it all.. U can still run nessus and use snmpwalk or the nmap plugins