PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts

PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts is an excellent introduction, not only to PostgreSQL in particular, but to databases in general.

Aside from some relatively minor problems as mentioned above, PostgreSQL is a solid reference for constructing, manipulating and managing a database. As the software grows, so will its audience. As to whether it's worth the purchase price, one of the best things about this book is its availability on-line. If you are a PostgreSQL guru and need only an occasional reference, you might well forego purchasing the book and use the on-line version. Otherwise, it's a remarkably good investment.

Stephanie Black is a writer—of words and code. When not writing, she runs a Linux consultancy, Coastal Den Computing, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In her off-hours, she's usually playing fetch with her cats or collaborating/colluding with her partner, a fabric artist and business manager.



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