Apache 2.0: The Internals of the New, Improved

Better scalability, reliability, security and performance are part of the upgrades of the new Apache server.

Thank you to Martin Pool for his permission to reuse material from his presentation given at the AUUG2k Winter Conference.

Ibrahim F. Haddad works for Ericsson Research Canada researching Carrier-Class Server Nodes in real-time all IP Networks.


The Apache Software Foundation: www.apache.org

Apache Week: www.apacheweek.com

IPv6 Information Page: www.ipv6.org

Kernel HTTP Dæmon: www.fenrus.demon.nl

MM Shared Memory Library: www.engelschall.com/sw/mm

Netcraft: www.netcraft.com

phhttpd: www.zabbo.net//phhttpd

Ryan Bloom's Index for Apache Portable Runtime: www.ntrnet.net/~rbb/aprpres

WebBench Benchmarking Tool: www.zdnet.com

WebDAV: www.webdav.org



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Yes, that is really much

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Yes, that is really much information at once..

Use of IIS increases

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Thanks for this great article. Nowadays is seems, that the MS-Plattform IIS/ASP.NET/SQL-Server gets a bigger portion of the market each and every month. So maybe Apache needs a (major) update? Or what else is the reason?


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Greetings, was a bit hard to read, because it was full of imput :P i really like to enjoy reading your journal...

what a article

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I just discovered this article an the whole lot of information. Wow!
Thanks a lot for helping. I dont think it is this difficult to understand for german natives;-)

Best regards from Germany


Well Done

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Well written article with links to the top resources.

Good Summary

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It is a very intersting summary, a lot of new information for a beginnner, now I will try to translate it to german, so more useful for me ;-) If I will be ready (sorry, can need a time), I will send you translation..

and where is the german

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and where is the german translation?


Thanks for the various

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Thanks for the various resources.


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thanks for posting those information! greetz

Yes, that is really much

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Yes, that is really much information at once... :)


Really much an hard to understand.....

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...for us germans, not? :-)
But I´m sure your english is better.


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Yes it is... btw. great article


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The Apache web server is one of the most important open source projects. Not only is it the world's most popular HTTP server but more importantly it is the reason that the server side of the Web is not dominated by Microsoft. We all know about Microsoft's strategy of 'extending' the 'commodity protocols' on which open source projects depend, as a way of denying open source an entry into the market (The Halloween Documents: http://www.opensource.org/halloween/). If Apache wouldn't have been people probably would have had to develop one version of their web pages for Netscape servers and one for Microsoft servers. Eventually Microsoft would have won the 'server war' as it won the 'browser war' but luckily this did not happen. Instead Apache changed the rules on the server side.


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This is a very insightful comment, from a very insightful post. I'm very new to the open source community or idea, and didn't know about Apache until – of course – today. This is fantastic. I think the world at large owes a lot to the open source community without even knowing it. Open source doesn't get the publicity it should. However, true people in the community don't mind that too much – that's the risk and the sacrifice you make when you enter into this community and try to make things better for everyone. So, to all those who are involved out there : thank you!

Great information

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Thank you for posting this information. Greetz

Re: Apache 2.0: The Internals of the New, Improved

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Phew! That was a lot of info! Good article...