The PictureBook, a.k.a Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN

Manufacturer: Sony Electronics, Inc. URL: Price: $1,899.99+ USD Reviewer: Phil Hughes
Where Do You Get One?

This one came from Emperor Linux with Linux pre-installed. You could buy the system from traditional sources, but you would have to get Linux loaded and running yourself. Doing so is not impossible, but Lincoln at Emperor Linux has been very helpful, and I feel the support has been well worth any price difference.

The Good and the Bad

Phil Hughes is the publisher of Linux Journal and editorial director of Embedded Linux Journal.


Phil Hughes


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How to Change a Vaio PCG-C1VJ to PCG-C1VN

Anonymous's picture

Hi does anyone know how to put a English version of Windows on a PCG-C1VJ Japanese laptop?

Please help

Wayne at

Re: How to Change a Vaio PCG-C1VJ to PCG-C1VN

Anonymous's picture

The only way I know of is to contact Sony and purchase the reload/restore for the C1VN. Or have someone burn you a copy of the C1VN discs.

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