Sendmail Setup for Your Home Network

Sendmail is one of the oldest and most used programs that makes the Internet works. Its function is to transport electronic mail from one machine (usually the message sender's machine) to another, until the message reaches his final destination.

Although alternative programs to Sendmail (Postfix, qmail, etc.) exist, for now Sendmail continues to be the most widely used mail transport agent.

I hope this article helps you to set up your mail server, but like most things on Linux this is not the only approach to this particular problem. I've showed you only what I have done.

Another important thing to remember is that although the setup shown in this article makes the quick setup of a mail server easier, you should complement this with good security measures to keep undesirable visitors away from your network.

Jhon H. Caicedo O. works in the R&D Area of O.S.S.O (Observatorio Sismológico del SurOccidente) located at Cali-Colombia, has been a Linux user and system administrator since 1994, currently he plays with Real time applications of Linux, Data Acquisition Systems and Embedded Linux. You can reach him at or at the OSSO home page.