Readers sound off.
Wacky Names

As a subscriber for about a year now, I wanted to say that I find the magazine very helpful and informative. I enjoy the section that displays wacky domain names that have not been consumed by the masses yet. I happened to have stumbled across a web site name that helps finding these names (http://www.namedroppers.com/). Enter one (or more) keywords and it will display all registered domain names that contain the words. Of course, I did a bit of scouring and yes, they are running Red Hat Linux. Just a tip and keep up the good work.

—Jim V. jvanar1@uic.edu

Penultimate Linux Box?

I loved the article in the November 2000 issue titled “Build the Ultimate Linux Box” but you stopped short of actually delivering on the promise of the article! Sure, there are lots of choices out there for a motherboard, hard disk drive, etc., but knowing that doesn't help in trying to assemble “The Ultimate Linux Box!” Knowing that Tyan, ASUS and Abit make good motherboards is like answering the question “Why Linux?” with “Because it does lots of cool stuff!” I hope that you will do an article similar to the one at www.maximumpc.com/reprint/archives/archive21.html but focused on Linux. I think it's great to give the pros and cons and considerations of each component, but then take a stand! Commit yourself to something and tell us why! That is a lot more useful than a wishy-washy “Well, this is cool, and that's cool, and these other folks say that all these other things are cool too, so they would all be good in an Ultimate Linux Box.”

—Jerel Crosland Jerel.Crosland@21stcenturyinsurance.com

SuSe Too Loosa

In regard to the SuSE 7.0 review [January 2001], I used SuSE 6.1 and 6.2. I tried to upgrade to 6.4 and it kept reverting to German with a German keyboard. I could fix it at the command prompt and KDE bug team said this was a problem with SuSE. It's a good program and if one speaks German it has support. The Cal crew [California office] is clueless. I took it off the machine. I need the newer version to play with Star Office and its database. I think the basic problem with the Linux crowd is that no one gives a rat's a** about the end user.

—Paul Taylor ptay1@bestweb.net

I'm sorry to hear you had such a problem with SuSE. I'm not a SuSE employee, but I will say my experience with 6.4 and 7.0 has been pretty good. Definitely no issues with German keymaps. You mentioned upgrading to 6.4. My habit, with any distribution, has been to avoid upgrades and do a clean install. Linux is changing too rapidly, and I think you are asking for trouble doing an upgrade. I generally back up everything (you do have a backup strategy and media right?), repartition (possibly), reformat and do a clean install, then pull back my personal files (e-mail, bookmarks etc.) from the backup. The newer distributions seem to pick up most of your hardware right out the gate, so a lot of that hassle is now gone. Any remaining favorites I may be missing I'll reinstall from the distribution's CDs, rebuild from source, or restore from my backup. This may seem like a bit more hassle than an upgrade, but in the end I think you'll end up with a much more stable system. If all you're after is StarOffice, you can just add it to your current setup. I've done this on two Mandrake 6 systems with no problem, downloading it from Sun.

—Stew Benedict stewb@aysenterprises.com

LJ Interactive

I want you to know that interactive.linuxjournal.com is one of the best features any magazine could have for their publication. There are countless times when I can't remember the name of an article or when it was, but I remember the subject. The ability to have all the articles on-line and searchable is a godsend; I wish more magazines, especially technical ones, would do something similar.

—Sheldon Dubrowin dubrowin@yahoo.com

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Sold on Soldier

Loved the review on Soldier of Fortune. Yep, I'm sold. I want this game. I'm ready to experience the adventures of mercenary John Mullins; this is something—definitely “Games Penguins Play”. I must say the cover to Linux Journal January 2001 was fabulous. King Darius was a real eye-catcher, I hope you will do more covers in this fashion!

—Paul Dale Roberts Silhouet98@cs.com